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To write an article you must be logged in with your username. Once logged in, you must write your articles in wikitext. This is very easy to learn and use, but implements a few simple symbols of code. Remember that what you write while editing an article is NOT how that article will look on the wiki. Keep these simple things in mind.

Basic Text

First of all, make sure you begin typing your article at the first space in each line. If you indent or begin with a space your text will show up in a special box.

This is what text looks like when you indent.

If you want to indent a sentence, simply place a colon (:) as the first character in the line. Two colons will make a double indention.

:This would show up as an indention on the wiki

::This would show up as a double indention


To create a large text heading, use the equal sign (=) around the title. Once you have four headings in your article, the program will automatically generate a Table of Contents at the beginning of your article, as is the case in this article. Most articles you write should have a table of contents.

To make a large heading, like the one used in the title of this article, place an equal sign on each end of the title. For a medium size heading, put two sets of equal signs around the title, and use three sets for a smaller heading.

=This will make a large font heading=

==This this will make a medium size heading==

===This will make a smaller size heading===

Use the above technique to create headings and subheadings.

Bulleted Lists and Numbered Lists

If you want to make a bullet list, place an asterisk (*) at the beginning of each item.

  • This line began with an asterisk
  • So did this line
  • And this line did too

If you want to make a numbered list in your article, use a number sign (#) at the beginning of the line. The numbers will automatically be generated.

  1. This line began with a number sign
  2. So did this line
  3. And this line did too

Bold and Italics

To use bold or italics text, highlight your text and click the item from the toolbar at the top of the text box.

Toolbar.PNG You will only see this toolbar when you are in edit mode.

Creating a link inside your Article

You need to create links in your article to other relevant articles. This is simple. Place double brackets around a word, phrase or name in your article and it will generate a link to that article. The linked word or words will appear as blue text. If the article does not exist yet the words will appear in red . Clicking on the red link will give the user the opportunity to create the article.

In edit mode double brackets around the linked article [[look like this.]] In the wiki the linked article will look like this .